Fall Frenzy

Magic Wands

Create a delectable treat with your favorite bag of chocolate chips, pretzel rods, festive sprinkles, a coffee mug and wax paper. Fill mug with chips and heat in microwave for 45 seconds. Stir and repeat until chocolate is melted but not dripping from the spoon. Dip pretzels in mug to coat half with chocolate, add sprinkles and lay on wax paper to dry. Tuck inside a holiday bag and seal with tape or twist ties. Make a quick batch for school parties or family gifts. Sweet!

Shimmering Pumpkins

Gather pumpkins, glue, glitter, small cup and a paintbrush on newsprint. Mix glue and glitter in cup, brush sparkly glue on pumpkins. Let dry overnight. Decorate your fall table with shimmering harvest goodies.

Leaf Placemats

Take a walk around your neighborhood and gather colorful leaves. Back at home, arrange leaves between two sheets of wax paper (cut in the size of a table placemat). Grate crayons with an old cheese grater and sprinkle shavings on top of leaves between the two sheets of wax paper. With a warm iron (no steam), gently press the two sheets of paper together. Be sure to seal the entire mat, especially the perimeter. Proudly use your homemade placemat for holiday meals or gifts.

Handprint Turkeys

Gather red, orange and yellow paint plus a paper plate and a canvas to print on (such as a lightly-colored shirt, plain cloth bag, or blank greeting card). Squirt swirls of paint onto the paper plate and have your youngster press her hand into the paint - covering the flat surface of all fingers, then press her hand onto your canvas - spreading the fingers apart. Practice on sheets of construction paper if needed. When the paint dries (which might take all night if you used a good bit of paint), use a thin permanent marker to draw stick legs and feet down from the wrist print, then eyes on the thumb print. Be sure to include the date and your child's initials somewhere on your canvas. Make this activity an anual tradition and these prints are great Thanksgiving attire -- and even better memorabilia to watch your little one grow through the years! 


Thankful Wreaths

Use a pencil to trace your child's handprint multiple times on colorful construction paper. Talk about the Thanksgiving holiday and the many things you and your family are thankful for this year. Cut out the handprints and write one of these ideas on each hand. Glue the hands to a circular piece of a cereal box (pre-cut by you). Punch a hole in the cardboard and tie and ribbon or string through it. Hang near your table and reflect often on the wonders of life.


Painted Nature Prints

Purchase a small amount of acrylic or tempera paint in fall colors. Gather leaves, grasses, pinecones, acrons and sticks on a crisp walk together. Choose a canvas for your artwork... something thicker than plain paper will work best -- like cardstock, t-shirt, canvas bag, etc. Pour and spread the paint onto paper plates and dip nature's goodies into one color, then press each item onto your canvas. Mix leaves, sticks and grasses to make a nice full design. Let dry overnight. The less paint, the faster your creation dries!!! VARIATION: Older children can "paint" the items with small brushes before printing them onto the canvas. Use prints for decoration, apparel, gifts and more.