Sierra's Wild Books

Judy Sierra is a poet and storyteller of many wild and whimsical books for children. Her voice lends itself naturally to folklore -- rich stories filled with delightful images that leave lasting impresssions for readers of all ages.
In the collaborative work, Wild About Books, Judy Sierra pairs with illustrator Marc Brown (of the Arthur series), to honor Dr. Seuss. Check out their amazing websites at and There are plenty of Sierra and Brown activities at their respective sites, plus books available at the public library. Brown's Arthur TV Series is on PBS.
Click on the link below to enjoy the story and gather these supplies to create your own wild books.  
-- 5-10 half sheets of paper (construction, white, patterned -- your choice)
-- strands of colorful ribbon
-- staples or hole punch, optional
-- stickers, pencils, crayons, etc.