Lobel's Letters

Award-winning author and illustrator Arnold Lobel has delighted kids with his popular short stories for years. His straightforward tales, solitary artwork and simple characters bring readers closer to understanding a complex world.
Some of Lobel's works include the Frog and Toad collection, Mouse Soup and Fables. He also illustrated many wonderful books for other authors. After Lobel's death in 1987, his daughter Adrianne discovered some of his archived work and released it in the form of new books, The Frogs All Sang Together and Odd Owls and Stout Pigs, where she brought Lobel's pencil sketches to life with watercolor.
While Arnold Lobel does not have an official website, you can explore his works at the public library or order a paperback copy of his stories at www.harpercollinschildren.com.
Follow Frog and Toad in the short story, "The Letter," by clicking on the link below and gather the following items to design and send your very own postcards by U.S. Mail.
-- plain white 4x6 index cards
-- crayons, colored pencils or markers
-- addresses of your friends and/or relatives
-- postcard stamps