Carle's Caterpillars

Eric Carle is a writer and collage artist, perhaps best known by children for his use of vibrant color in more than 40 engaging books. Carle's simple storytelling technique blends seemlessly with his complex collage talent to create memorable works of art.

Begin the journey into Eric Carle's world at the public library or visit If you get the chance, also visit where Carle has dedicated a tiny corner of the Internet to celebrate original artwork by some of the most renowed artists of our day.

Grab a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and this activity's supplies, then watch the video below to join the fun:
-- random toddler socks (ones that the sock monster left behind in the laundry)
-- handful of batting, pillow stuffing or tissues
-- tiny hair rubber bands
-- scrap piece of felt (cut into head, feet and eyes) 
-- glue