HOLIDAY: Check out these easy, how-to HOLIDAY lessons for children ages 0-5. Enjoy a bit of holiday legend and a craft activity. Great for getting into the spirit of the season --- decorating, gift giving, and more! Click on the link to watch the video online.

Take a stroll through our paper winter wonderland - toilet paper that is!!! Learn how Frosty came to life by using any household paper (toilet, tissue, paper towels, etc.) and holder, plus a mismatched toddler sock, string, construction paper and glue. Use as a decoration or gift. 
WRITING: This is the first series of WRITING lessons for children ages 0-5. Each video is 8 minutes or less and includes a story and activity. Click on the link to learn more about the author, get a supply list and watch the lesson online.

Eric Carle is a writer and collage artist, perhaps best known by children for his use of vibrant color in more than 40 engaging books. Carle's simple storytelling technique blends seemlessly with his complex collage talent to create memorable works of art.
Judy Sierra is a poet and storyteller of many wild and whimsical books for children. Her voice lends itself naturally to folklore -- rich stories filled with delightful images that leave lasting impressions for readers of all ages.
Lobel's Letters

Award-winning author and illustrator Arnold Lobel has delighted kids with his popular short stories for years. His straightforward tales, solitary artwork and simple characters bring readers closer to understanding a complex world.
No study of children's literature would be complete without Mother Goose. But, just who is she or he? Since the early 1600s, fairy tales and nursery rhymes have been passed down orally and and printed in book collections under the name "Mother Goose". And, parents have been sharing these centuries-old tales that still resonate today.    
Current best-selling writer and illustrator, Mo Willems, has been making kids laugh on television, in books and (soon-to-be) on stage for many years. Through his clever cartoon drawings, Willems plops well-developed characters in seemingly simplistic life situations that delight audiences again and again.