What better way to celebrate life than to share it with others?
If you are hosting a sewing circle, birthday party, play group, scout troop, church youth group, school event or other community gathering, consider a Creative Blossoms' "Give and Take" project --- where generosity is sparked by creativity. And, the project possibilities are endless. 
GIVE & TAKE for YOUTH: Got spunk? Bring kids together to learn a new skill (in art, writing, music, gardening or drama), express their creativity and spread joy to others in need (by designing two works of art --- one to keep and one to give away to other children in need!). 
GIVE & TAKE for ADULTS: Got talent? Host a GIVE & TAKE gathering with like-minded folks and whip up two wonderful things --- one for you and one to share. Wish you had a particular talent? It's never too late to learn new tricks! Bring adults together with skilled artisans to create unique crafts or projects to donate to others in need.  

Contact Creative Blossoms for the whole-concept package (ideas, lessons, supply lists, suggested community organizations, etc.). We'll help match your age group/interests to an appropriate community group in need. Or, we can host the event for a reasonable fee.

Join the movement to spread joy through creativity!
Maryanne Arthur, director: 410-256-4490 or


2016 YOUTH ON A MISSION: Pretty Pockets at Towson United Methodist Church in Towson, MD


Several youth, ages 12-18, set out on a mission to help cancer patients during October's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Following a brief breast cancer/Pretty Pocket chat by Maryanne, the youth group colored gift tags, cut ribbon and thoughtfully put together hundreds of pre-sewn pockets. What a great bunch! Thanks to Pastor Margery for making the arrangements for this event; to all the youth and parents who attended and participated; and to Brianna for creating a lovely slideshow and personal introduction. 

2013 AND SEW ON: Pretty Pockets at Joann Fabrics in Bel Air, MD

A group of dedicated sewers gathered at the local Joann's store this October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Together, this crew cut and stitched several hundred pockets as gifts for local breast cancer patients. Special thanks to Regina for coordinating the event -- to all the fabulous ladies who attended and worked, powered only by donuts and iced tea --- to my girls for being such enthusiastic youthful givers --- to Kaitlyn for graciously giving us some media coverage --- and to Mom Merow for being our pockets greatest champion! 

2013 SUMMER CAMP: Flower Power
Creative Blossoms' kids who attended our 2013 Summer Camp prepared more than 150 floral pens for adult cancer patients at university of Maryland/St. Joseph Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Each pen was created with LOVE and sealed with a dangling gift tag. Campers ages 5-10 did an awesome job choosing flowers, wrapping pens with green froggy tape, and coloring gift tags. What a bright pick-me-up for patients in the infusion center!

2012 AND SEW ON: Pretty Pockets at Joann Fabrics in Bel Air, MD
WOW!!! The sewing department manager offered to host a November SEW IN for a small group of interested women to help us prepare Pretty Pockets for breast cancer patients. Very cool!!! This group not only created a wonderful batch of pockets for St. Joseph Medical Center, but also took home bags of cut-outs AND stitched pockets at home and in sewing groups across Baltimore. After the holidays, I received hundreds of completed pockets to deliver to local medical facilities. This is so amazing to see our idea come to fruition; and to have others create such a loving, important gift for breast cancer patients. Thank you Regina. Judy and all the ladies who shared their time and talent this day and many more.

2012 SUMMER CAMP: PassER-by Bags
Creative Blossoms' kids who attended our 2012 Creativity Summer Camp prepared more than 150 goodie bags for pediatric patients at Franklin Square Pediatric inpatient/outpatient ER to help youngsters pass the time while waiting for medical services (outpatient clinic or ER) or healing (inpatient). Each bag was stuffed with LOVE and one craft project, PUPPET POWER, complete with all supplies and a gift tag. Campers did an awesome job prepping bags; camp staff members delivered a huge box to the charge nurse at FSH the week after camp. She was thrilled to have something fun and appropriate to help her little ones pass the time as patients. THANK YOU!
2011 GIVE & TAKE: Pass-ER-by Bags
Creative Blossoms made goodie bags for pediatric patients at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to help youngsters pass the time while waiting for medical services (outpatient clinic or ER) or healing (inpatient). Each bag included one craft project, PUPPET POWER, complete with all supplies and a gift tag. In June 2011, a group of youth and adult volunteers helped stuff bags.

2011 GIVE & TAKE: Stop & Smell the April Flowers
***Thanks to everyone who participated in our flower making fun! We created more than 150 flowers to brighten patients' days! A beautiful bouquet of good wishes!!!***
Creative Blossoms is making tissue paper flowers with inspirational gift tags for each patient in the Serpick Infusion Center at St. Joe's. Join the fun! at Perry Hall Creative Arts Center on April 19th from 10am to noon.

Supplies: colored tissue paper sheets, pipe cleaners/fuzzy stems.
Instructions: Cut each large piece of tissue paper into 4 equal squares. Stack the paper squares on top of each other - or mix and match various colors. Fold the squares together in an accordion fold. One fold up, one fold down. Until the entire square is folded. Wrap one end of the fuzzy stem around the center paper and squeeze the wire closed; twist tightly. Then, carefully separate each piece of paper to create a layered flower. Fluff and twist the paper as needed to conceal the center stem. Affix an inspirational tag with string and Voila! A beautiful spring beacon. Note: Please purchase new tissue paper for this project!
2011 SEW ON: Pretty Pockets ***This is an ongoing project. Inquire!***
Creative Blossoms is partnering with The Cancer Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Baltimore to provide drain bag covers for each breast cancer patient who undergoes partial or bilateral mastectomy. And, you can help!
Gather your favorite thread and soft flannel material to create small cover bags that prevent the rubber tubing and drain bulb from rubbing against (and irritating) skin. Contact Maryanne Arthur and we'll send you the pattern and/or all the supplies you need to bring a smile to breast cancer patients this spring. NOTE: This project can be machine or handsewn, but requires double stitching to prevent any mishaps.
Creative Blossoms : : 410.256.4490
2010 GIVE & TAKE: Holiday Greeting Cards
Wahoo! A warm thanks to everyone who contributed cards for our special 2010 giving project!!! Creative Blossoms kids designed more than 120 greeting cards, pins and magnets to bring holiday cheer to patients at St. Joseph's Serpick Infusion Center.
Spend a few minutes having fun with your child and make a lasting difference in someone's life.
Creative Blossoms is partnering with The Cancer Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Baltimore with the ambitious goal of bringing ONE greeting card to each patient of the Serpick Infusion Center this holiday season -- that's 30-40 patients each day or 200 each week. And, your family can help!
Gather your favorite GREETING CARD SUPPLIES (colored paper, stickers, markers, stencils, glue, crayons and more). Or rummage through those plastic tubs marked "ARTWORK"  to create original designs for people who might need a smile this holiday season. Deliver to local hospitals and medical facilities in need. 
Consider construction paper cards with good thoughts: Hang in There, Thinking of You, Rooting for You, You Can Do It, and Be Strong, Or, holiday wishes: Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Have a Cool Yule.