Here is a list of ideas with instructions - for you, your family and friends and/or community group - to tackle as creative giving endeavors. To read about these activities in action, click on the "Project Showcase" tab in the top menu bar on this page. Thank you for spreading JOY through creative giving!

#1 Pretty Pockets - skilled machine sewers and enthusiastic volunteers

NOTE:  To view the volunteer packet, you will need Adobe Reader©. Click here to download the latest version. 

#2 Homemade Greeting Cards - any age or ability
Gather your favorite GREETING CARD SUPPLIES (colored paper, stickers, markers, stencils, glue, crayons and more). Or rummage through those plastic tubs marked "ARTWORK"  to create original designs for people who might need a smile this holiday season.
Consider construction paper cards with good thoughts: Hang in There, Thinking of You, Rooting for You, Be Strong, Or, holiday wishes: Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Have a Cool Yule. 
Sign cards with your child's FIRST NAME only. And, deliver all cards to your favorite department at the local hospital, hospice or rehabilitation facility.

#3 Tissue Paper Flowers - any age or ability

Supplies: colored tissue paper sheets, pipe cleaners/fuzzy stems.
Instructions: Cut each large piece of tissue paper into 4 equal squares. Stack the paper squares on top of each other - or mix and match various colors. Fold the squares together in an accordion fold. One fold up, one fold down. Until the entire square is folded. Wrap one end of the fuzzy stem around the center paper and squeeze the wire closed; twist tightly. Then, carefully separate each piece of paper to create a layered flower. Fluff and twist the paper as needed to conceal the center stem. Affix an inspirational tag with string and Voila! A beautiful spring beacon. Note: Please purchase new tissue paper for this project!

#4 PassERby Puppet Activity Bags - any age or ability

Gather the following items: a box of clear plastic sandwich baggies, a batch of cardboard cut outs (such as pirates or mermaids from the craft store), some googly-eyes and foam stickers with peel-off backs, wooden craft sticks, a roll of foam tape, sandpaper or brown craft paper squares and colored pencils or magic markers. 

Cut small squares of foam tape and affix to the back of each wooden craft stick. Cut the brown paper (presumably 8.5" x 11") into four equal squares to be used as the puppet's background. Stuff EACH plastic bag with: ONE small brown paper square, ONE wooden craft stick, ONE colored pencil or marker, ONE puppet shape, TWO googly eyes, a handful of foam stickers and your gift tag.
Deliver stuffed baggies to the pediatric ER department at your local hospital.