Welcome! I'm Maryanne Arthur -- a writer, teacher, organizer and eternal student who's been called a tree hugger, recycle queen, craft coach, soccer star (okay, I might've embellished that one a teeny bit), cancer survivor, and reformed soda addict. AKA the woman my kids refer to as "always turning [fill-in-the-blank] into something new". Guilty. 

I believe there is light in all things, even if it takes awhile to shine. And, my favorite pastime is corralling good people to do good deeds -- which is exactly how the Creative Blossoms' giving movement officially evolved in 2010. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Creative arts are essential to the fabric of our lives -- sparking imagination, curiosity and self expression while building new skills, boosting confidence and mood, inspiring wellness and enhancing family/community bonds.
Creative Blossoms is an integrated resource where 'kids' of all ages and stages can discover unique ways to nurture mind, body and spirit -- while spreading joy to people in need. Our programs and resources are based on core concepts that are designed to inspire like-minded folks to embrace creativity as a means of self-expression, personal wellness and community engagement.